Prostate cancer is not funny, but it could be…

I was looking for a house and while inspecting it, I noticed some water damage. I went outside to look for the source of the infiltration when I noticed the next door neighbor. I walked to his driveway, introduced myself and asked him questions about the house I was interested. Community, schools, home owner association, etc. He was very nice.

I thought the guy was from India. He was thin and looked to be in good shape. I asked if he practiced yoga. He said no, but he told me that for all his life he was always thin and that he exercised regularly. And then, out of the blue, he confided to me that he had prostate cancer surgery recently and that also contributed to his current weight.

What do you do you do in a situation like this? You need to show some sympathy. Right?

So, I said:  “Hummm…. This can really mess up one’s sex life”. How about that for sympathy?


He smiled agreeing, paused for a second thinking on what to say, and told me that his surgery was performed in Canada, was not intrusive and did not damage any nerve.

And then with a glare in his eyes he said: “You know, the other day I even saw some movement down there”.

I did the logical thing. I gave the guy a high-five. We became instant friends!

He went on to clarify that he was originally from Jamaica, immigrated to the US 36 years ago and that he lived in that community since it started more than 10 years ago. He told me all the good and bad about the community and the good and bad about all other neighbors. In general, he told me that the neighbors were nice, except from the one in front of the house I was looking for. He said that the guy was a policeman (it figures), but that he had moved out recently. I asked if the community had kicked the guy out. He said no, he left by himself and that he believed the guy was not with the force any longer.

Not sure the house I looked is a good fit for me and my wife, but this Jamaican guy, whom I don’t know the name, would clearly be a great neighbor to have.

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