Is Brazil Growing… Politically?

Very interesting what is happening politically in Brazil right now. If you are Brazilian or have a Brazilian friend, you probably have received an incredible amount of e-mails related to the presidential election. First round of the election took place early in the month and the second round to selected one of the two final candidates will take place at the end of the month.

I do not recall another election where Brazilians are so involved and so extremely divided. What is remarkable is that the two parties disputing the second round are both socialists and not very different in their views, but nevertheless when you look at the e-mails it is like they are in opposite extremes. Situation is so heated that recently one of the presidential candidates while in campaign was hit when someone throw stones at him. Even more remarkable is that the debate tend to focus on president that is departing and the prior president and not so much on the candidates that are disputing the election.

I am an optimistic and view what is happening as an indication that Brazil is growing not only economically but also politically. However at the same time, given all the issues of the political process in Brazil I wonder is this is really the case.

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