Theories of Relativity

On the day I really understood the restricted relativity theory and most importantly the general relativity theory, she ordered me to clean the windows!

Those who have experience in this type of activity know that it is one of the most odious, especially for me, that have a tendency to perfection. Windows never get clean, it is a fact. Just a little sun shining through and you quickly notice the imperfections.

She did not ordered me exactly, she said with that sweet way of hers: We have to clean the windows.

After long time married, it is normal to be called by the spouse of an affectionate name. My affectionate name, I suspect, is We. When she says, we have to do this, we have to do that, I already know I have to replace the We by my name.

That day I realized that the force of gravity, it’s not a force, it’s an illusion. I discovered that time is not constant, because the speed of light, which we have to measure with a mirror, since it is impossible to measure it from one point to another, is a fierce constant. It never changes, it actually slows time, to remain constant when it needs to bend. I also learned that the speed of light doesn’t need acceleration. Just light a candle and the candle light is immediately running at 300 million kilometers per second. Crazy stuff.

With that amount of information, I considered arguing against cleaning the windows, but I thought it was less work than explaining that everything is relative. And to be fair, most of the time, when she says We, she takes the initiative and I simply help.

With both feet firm on the ground, I decided to abandon the complicated theories of relativity, return to Newtonian past and consider gravity as a force again. I just need to be careful when climbing the ladder to clean the second story windows, not be attracted by that force.

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