“You are very demure!”

With these fateful words, almost a name-calling in the permissive days of today, André ended the relationship.

Shortly after Judith, Jú learned that André had returned to his old girlfriend and that he had set the wedding date. She felt betrayed, thought she didn’t fit into today’s world, an outcast.

André was right, Jú had a fantastic body, but always wore discreet clothes hiding what should be shown. Even wearing clothes that would look better on an old lady, many men did not let themselves be fooled and noticed, with lust, the body that was underneath those costumes.

The same was true in intimate moments. Lingerie “Isabelita”, from the time of Princess Isabel, late 1800’s and love only in the dark with windows and doors closed. André once commented that Jú seemed to belong to some religious sect and that he would not be surprised if he had to make love to her through a hole in her clothes.

To further complicate her personal situation, Jú lost her job. Apparently nothing with her, the company wasn’t doing well and had to lay off employees. However, Jú thought that other girls who dressed in more modern clothes, who let see more, sexier, were not fired, it should be because she was, as André said, demure!

She tried to get another job, but it was hard. She spent days on the computer, sending out her resume, contacting acquaintances, trying to schedule interviews, but nothing concrete showed up.

While surfing the internet, she was amazed at women posting photos on Instagram and other social networks, using almost nothing, in the unstoppable pursuit of friends, likes and followers. She learned of women who became famous by posting photos in bikinis then turned into world celebrities, made a lot of money, some became millionaires.

In the desperation of not getting a job, Jú knowing that she had a body even better than many of the celebrities she saw on the internet, thought she could do the same.

That idea started hunt her. Finally, she decided: She would become a digital influencer!

She didn’t act immediately, she took time to find on the internet courses on how to attract followers and make money on social networks and how to shoot selfies in the best angles. She learned a lot.

She created a photo studio in her small apartment, opened an account on all social networks and started posting photos of herself.

It didn’t work, she had to take a job well below her potential to be able survive, but she didn’t give up on her idea.

Looking critically at her bikini photos, she found that she had show herself more and not try to hide her face. Going further in the criticism she realized that a white behind does not go well with a thong bikini. Bathing suit tan marks should also be avoided, yes because until then Jú only wore full body swimsuits, some even featuring a little skirt. All these points, she concluded, were the cause of her project not working well on the first attempt.

She decided it was necessary to disinhibit, to let it hang lose.

She took a leave from work and for a week went to the beach, to pick up a tan, remove those swim suit tan marks. No one saw, she chose a practically deserted beach and hidden from view took off  her bikini and sunbathed completely naked.

The new posts of the uninhibited Jú, showing her face in tiny bikinis, without tan marks, showed good results, the number of followers, likes and shares increased considerably, but well below what was necessary to, as it is said in digital marketing, monetize, earn some money.

She noticed that André, married, was following her on Instagram.

In addition to using all the time available to pictures of herself, Jú spent much of the night analyzing the results of her posts, evaluating the competition, that is, the other women who also wanted to be digital influencers, and realized that she was using an outdated model, the business of posting photos had already been supplanted.

What potential followers wanted was something real, faster, more personal, with movement, they wanted videos. The digital influencers continued to post photos, but what really attracted visitors were videos on Youtube, TikTok and other platforms.

She expanded the studio in the apartment and began producing videos. Initially she didn’t say anything on the footage, it was like a fashion show, then she improved and showed herself up in various positions. The results began to appear. She got messages, and spent a lot of time answering them. Anything to increase the number of followers.

She got a message from Andre.

“Hi Jú, how things are going? I’m loving your videos. I miss you, André”

Jú didn’t answer.

Video production requires a little more sophistication, it’s like making a movie. Jú discussed this detail with a friend at work, Ágatha, Tatá and she volunteered to help. They created a special Channel on Youtube, and made slightly more interactive videos, with some narration and explanation of how visitors could leave their likes, comments and how share the videos. Tatá, young and pretty, also participated in the videos, they were practically partners.

They were both fired from their jobs.

The manager found out what they were doing, saw the videos and decided they weren’t good for the company’s image and therefore the decision.

When they received the news, Jú and Tatá, were worried not knowing very well what to do, and did not realize that leaving that job was an evil that came for good.

Andre kept texting. Jú decided to answer. He insisted on meeting her. Jú didn’t want to, after all he was married, but when she lost her job a second time, she thought it would be good to talk to him. They met for lunch, a snack actually.

“Hi Jú, you look great”

“Thank you”

“Your videos are driving me mad”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, you’re different, you don’t look like my ex-girlfriend”

Jú didn’t know what to answer, and come up with this one.

“People change”

They talked for a long time, Jú asked what he thought of the videos, André gave his opinion.

“You have to involve the audience, make them participate in the videos”

“What do you mean?”

André gave some simple suggestions, building and expanding what the girls were doing. Before they said goodbye, André confessed that his marriage was not going well, that he missed Jú, and that it had been a mistake to break up with her.

Jú even felt sorry for him.

André’s ideas, put into practice by Tatá and Jú transformed their business. They’ve changed the purpose of the videos a little bit. They began to comment on the clothes, mostly bikinis, and then tried them on, rather than simply wear the the costumes, and then they innovated. They started asking visiting viewers to send clothes for them to try on.

It was a resounding success.

Men and women sent clothes in quantity. The girls chose the most interesting ones to wear them in the videos. The men, of course, mean-spirited, sent tiny, transparent costumes. The girls didn’t refuse, and tried them on using something skin color underneath and went on with the show.

The number of followers, likes, sharing increased enormously. Interesting that on reviewing the data, Jú and Tata were surprised to see that the number of men and women who followed the videos was almost identical. They came to the conclusion that women were really interested in clothes and men in seeing them naked.

Jú began to meet regularly with André to discuss the progress of the business and ask for advice.

“I think you could contact apparel companies to sponsor your videos and provide the clothes for you to try on, the number of followers you have is very expressive, they should be interested”

Another excellent idea reflected Jú and excited thinking about the companies she could contact, almost had no reaction when André said he had separated from his wife and was going to ask for a divorce.

Jú and Tatá started monetizing.

In addition to profiting from ads in the videos, they created a segment to show the clothes sent by the apparel companies, and charged for it. They were interviewed in specialized magazines, then television. They started charging for posts on social networks and for recommending products. The number of views, shares and followers exploded.

They were not sure about André’s new idea. Manufacture their own clothing and maybe launch a line of related products. Jewelry, beauty products, sunscreens, diets. The sky was the limit.

That’s when Andre asked for them to go back together.

She was a little reluctant, but in the end, she gave in. After all he was divorced and had helped her and Tatá so much. Thinking about the business she knew she would need André to help move forward with the expansion, André’s own ideas. She concluded that they could be excellent partners.

But it didn’t work.

The first night they spent together after they got back together, was a disaster.

André explained to friends that Jú, so uninhibited and loose in the videos, appeared in a costume that appeared to be her grandmother’s. Flannel pajamas jumpsuit and under panties that covered up the navel with a bra looking like an armor. She only lay down after closing the window and door and turning the lights off. When Andre asked what was going on, she answered.

“I don’t know, with you I can’t”

André, who was waiting for the Jú from the videos, deduced that she had not changed a thing and for the first time in his life he was not able to. It made him go limp.

“You’re a demure one for sure” André repeated the same fateful words and hurriedly, dressed and left never to return, promising never to watch Jú videos again.

Jú thought that losing a single follower, was not going to be a big problem and decided the next day to go to the beach to maintain the tan. The business had to go on!

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