In & Of Itself

We left the theater with our heads spinning, wondering if the brick would be right there on that corner. We didn’t go to see, we missed the opportunity to find out if what we had seen in the theater was true or a real big lie. Nothing seemed real.

Someone commented on a television show and recommended. So we decided to watch that show, in a little off Broadway theater. The entrance cost almost nothing, a fraction of what an entrance to any Broadway theater costs. So we didn’t expect much of the show, we had to, in that cold, take the subway. Luckily we got off at right station and with happily saw that it was close to the theater.

What a wonderful and unique experience! We never forgot.

If you think I’m going to describe what we saw in the theater, you’re wrong. I’m not going to tell you anything because they made a movie of the play that was released this year on the Hulu platform. The film is, except for some small details, a complete recording of the play staged in the theater so the experience watching the film is pretty much the same as if you were watching live in the theater. If you’re not a Hulu subscriber, it’s worth signing up just to see this movie.

The title of the film is In & Of Itself, the same as the theatrical spectacle. If you can somehow watch the movie, leave a comment.


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