I Want To Be A Sea Slug

My life has been very active so far, but I fear for the future of my body. The heart is not the same, the left knee has been replaced with titanium, blood pressure is high, the kidneys and gallbladder are producing stones. I know this is just the beginning, it’s going to get worse.

Our body is a fantastic machine with a huge restorative power. I’m fascinated to see how a cut heals by itself sometimes not even leaving scars. Bones grow back and, in the process, get stronger. Liver and internal parts of the intestine are also restored. Apparently, it is possible to slice one person’s liver in half and transplant into another person that both parts will grow. The lung also has restorative abilities.

Nails grow back. I know from experience. I’ve lost at least two of them in my childhood and my fingers are complete. However, to the delight of dentists the teeth are a part of the body that in no way regrows or regenerate.

I’ve been thinking that it would be fantastic if, like some animals, we could regenerate parts of our bodies.

As any child knows, a gecko that loses its tail to escape predators, soon appears with a brand new one. Holutórias or sea cucumbers can regenerate body parts quickly sometimes in less than a week, and similarly to geckos, as a strategy, discard body parts to escape enemies. The starfish can regenerate its arms, there are known cases in which the starfish regenerated the body from one of the arms. Axolotl, a graceful animal from Mexico, relative to geckos and salamanders, can not only regenerate the tail, but also arms, legs, skin and virtually any other part of the body.

The sea slug found mainly in Japan is the most interesting of regenerating animals. When decapitated, a condition she can do to herself, she creates a whole new body out of nowhere. A phenomenal feature, if we think it can survive without blood in the brain, until the new body is created, because the heart as in our body, is below the head.

Considering my situation and the future that awaits me, I would very much like to be a sea slug. How about keeping my brain, my memories, the knowledge I’ve acquired all my life, with a brand-new body. yes, I wouldn’t get rid of the wrinkles on my face and I could became toothless, but I don’t care.

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