Dona Zinha

The youngest son of “dona” Zinha left home and she made a spectacle of herself.

He decided to live in another state, far away, because he had received a good job proposal and at the same time decided to take his girlfriend to live with him, something that dona Zinha, very Catholic, whose name was Maria, Mariazinha, who everyone called Zinha, did not approve at all.

“Raulzinho, don’t leave me, come back, stay with me!” She liked to call him on the diminutive

Dona Zinha cried, scoffed, hid his suitcase, grabbed the boy, almost tore his shirt, imagine at the age of 32 being called Raulzinho, did not want to let him get in the car, run after the taxi. The hell broke loose. The neighbors came out, people passing by stopped to look. A show never seen before in that neighborhood.

Late, Raulzinho was born when dona Zica turned forty and now she would only be able to see him once a year, if that.

His father “seu” Reinaldo thought it took too long for the son to move out and had plans to convert Raul’s room, he refused to call that big guy Raulzinho, in an office just for him.

Dona Zinha, became depressed. She spent her days with a sadness to feel pity for, she felt guilty, she cried often. She even consulted a doctor who prescribed a drug to try to raise her mood a little. She took it, but she didn’t think the medicine helped, it was no use.

Time went by, Raulzinho’s phone calls were less frequent, and dona Zinha was getting on with her life.

After more than a year Raulzinho came to visit his parents. A scandal!

Not with Raulzinho, the little boy, but with his girlfriend. Raulzinho and his girlfriend stayed at his parents’ house and dona Zinha, had a bad fight with her. She thought she was naughty, lazy, rude, bossy, who took advantage of Raulzinho, who did everything for his girlfriend. She learned that at their house he cooked, took care of the dishes, even washed clothes. Things he never done while living with his parents.

Dona Zinha could not believe when Raulzinho, taking his girlfriend side, fought with her and seu Reinaldo, packed his bags and left with his girlfriend, saying that he would never return to that house.

Everyone was waiting for another dona Zinha show, another depressive episode, but it didn’t happen!

She spent several days absorbed, with her eyes lost, seemed to see something, but didn’t see anything. To everyone’s astonishment she didn’t cry, sometimes she even smiled.

One morning seu Reinaldo, was surprised to see dona Zinha, cheerful, humming. She served seu Reinaldo a rich breakfast and started cooking dinner. Dona Zinha and seu Reinaldo, did not eat lunch, preferred a small snack or even a fruit as lunch and then an early dinner, before five in the afternoon.

The dinner that The Dona Zinha cooked was out of this world. She prepared delicious dishes and seu Reinaldo opened up praising the food and the cook. He even kissed dona Zinha to thank her, who smiled even more.

And it was like that for a long time. Seu Reinaldo even gained a few extra pounds, he didn’t want another life, when:

Dona Zinha started serving sushi!

She didn’t prepare it herself, she went out every day to buy it. Sometimes she purchased at the supermarket, other occasions she ordered out from a Japanese restaurant nearby.

Seu Reinaldo, who liked grilled meat, barbecue, fried chicken, in the beginning ate the sushi, but then complained. There was no other way, dona Zinha was irreducible, sushi or nothing. Seu Reinaldo tried to argue:

“You like sushi, I don’t, why don’t you buy it for yourself and prepare something else for me?”

Dona Zinha’s answer took seu Reinaldo by surprise:

“You sure like sushi!”

Seu Reinaldo, to avoid a fight, accepted the new situation, hoping that it was a temporary thing and that soon dona Zinha would return to cook what he liked, however before dinner, he would stop by at the bakery and eat a sandwich made with that out of the oven, crispy French bread.

The bakery prepared every kind of sandwich with that bread, a delight. Grilled chicken with cheese, roast beef with chimichurri salsa, baurú a Brazilian sandwich, hot baloney or ham with melted cheese. There was even a ground beef sandwich tucked into the bread that was impossible to pass up. On Fridays, there was pork, another seu Reinaldo’s favorite, who quickly learned the times when the baker baked the bread and would get there at the right time.

He wasn’t sure why, but he remembered another time when dona Zinha started serving sushi. That’s when Raulzinho got that skinny, macrobiotic girlfriend, who only thought about vegetables, grains and exercise. The sushi she liked and convinced Raul to consume, didn’t even had raw fish, were those rice rolls with vegetables. A madwoman, in seu Reinaldo opinion. Good thing that, at that time, dona Zinha prepared separate dishes for him.

Seu Reinaldo almost did the dance of joy when they broke up. It was not a friendly separation. The macrobiotic girlfriend found out that Raul was dating another girl, in fact the girl with whom he went to live together, which in terms of diet, was much more compatible with seu Reinaldo’s food taste.

Dona Zinha did not stop surprising!

She gave up on sushi, much to the delight of seu Reinaldo and when everything looked like had returned to normal, she called seu Reinaldo for a sex talk!

She started by saying that boys should respect girls, that when a girl said no, it was no and that was it. Important to use condoms and things that have left seu Reinaldo completely confused without knowing what to say or think. Seu Reinaldo began to suspect that dona Zinha was getting mad.

He thought about taking her to the doctor, but let it pass. Soon another surprise. Every time seu Reinaldo went out, dona Zinha:

“Don’t forget your backpack”

“Backpack, why? What for?”

“To go to school” and continued “Wait a moment I’ll prepare your snack”

From that day on seu Reinaldo only left home with a backpack, no matter where he was going. To avoid this unusual situation, he invited the dona Zinha to go along, but she preferred to stay at home. Seu Reinaldo’s friends also did not understand and when they met him, they would make fan of seu Reinaldo.

“Are you going to school today? How good are your grades? Did you do your homework?”

Seu Reinaldo started avoiding his friends.

The last of dona Zinha’s eccentricities made seu Reinaldo think of a completely inconceivable, irrational, crazy explanation for her behavior!

This happened when dona Zinha, stop sleeping with him. Every night she took him to sleep in Raul’s room, which seu Reinaldo had not yet managed to turn into an office. Not only that, she began to read for seu Reinaldo to sleep and when he closed his eyes, she fixed the covers, said goodbye to him with a kiss on the cheek and went to sleep alone in the room she until then, shared with her husband.

She’s treating me like I’m Raul, seu Reinaldo concluded without believing in himself!

The dishes she prepared after the fight with Raul’s girlfriend were the dishes Raul liked. The sushi, because of Raul, the sex talk, the backpacking, the reading-to-him thing, everything related to Raul. If that wasn’t enough, it looked like she was regressing in time. Not only was he being treated like Raul, but like Raul’s going back to being a child!

Seu Reinaldo couldn’t sleep properly. The absurd, the unbelievable explanation for Dona Zinha’s conduct stayed with him all the time. The more he thought, the more the nonsense seemed to make sense. This situation made him nervous, anxious, worried, stressed, with his heart beating at very fast pace.

One night he woke up scared, bathing in sweat. He had dreamed that dona Zinha was breastfeeding him!

He spent the day in agony, he looked like a zombie.

When young, newlyweds, seu Reinaldo even liked to play with Mariazinha’s breasts, but thinking of being breastfed by her, at his age, as if he were Raul, caused in his Reinaldo, a loathing, a revulsion.

He finally remembered that Raul as a baby, unlike the couple’s other children, was not breastfed, was bottle-fed, but this fact did not lessen his stress. He lived in panic, pondering: What will be the next madness dona Zinha will come up with?

The panic, the stress, the sleepless nights, the heart pounding, caused on seu Reinaldo a terrible ailment. He suffered a stroke, a cerebrovascular accident!

He couldn’t speak properly, he just babbled, he lost the ability to control various parts of his body. The doctors could do nothing, he needed special attention.

He had to start wearing a diaper and eating blender food, like baby food!

Raulzinho came to visit his sick father and dona Zinha did not pay attention to him or talked to him, it seemed like Raulzinho did not exist.

She just wanted her husband, take care of her husband, No one ever seen her so happy.

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