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My assistant came into my office breathless. “Crisis in Venezuela, chief technology officer is on the phone!” I didn’t worry, after all Venezuela was always in crisis, besides I knew that she was talking about our company in Venezuela and not the country, which ...Read More


“You are very demure!” With these fateful words, almost a name-calling in the permissive days of today, André ended the relationship. Shortly after Judith, Jú learned that André had returned to his old girlfriend and that he had set the wedding date. She felt ...Read More


Night had fallen a few hours already and my apprehension was turning into fear. I kept my eyes on that narrow, steep road, trying to see beyond the darkness. I concluded that the alternative plan to spend the night and sleep in the car, ...Read More


I noticed something wrong with the passenger sitting in the seat in front of me. I was going to Colombia, business trip, six hours on a flight, sitting in economy class, window. The passenger in front of me, restless, kept moving in his seat ...Read More

K San

I Almost fell off my chair when the Japanese man, an executive from a large company in Japan, sitting in front of me in the restaurant, asked my hand to read my future. The Japanese, Mr. K, or as it is said in Japan ...Read More

Rope Pump

I opened the door and left because it was hotter inside the cab  of that pickup truck then outdoors. You couldn’t hear any rustling sound from the coffee trees’ leaves, there was not even a small breeze. The sun was so hot I could ...Read More