José Carlos Eiras Archive


I am daring to tell this true story, because my mother, after the age of ninety, abandoning life slowly, rejuvenated when she heard a joke or spicy story. She gave me life. And saved my life. Over and over again. Her soft light hand, ...Read More


They were all worried about the Marquis, it had been two months the last time he show up at the office. The Marquis, didn’t have to work, he was filth rich, they said that what he owned was worth a few billion euros. He ...Read More


The phone rang and he promptly answered: “Roberto, purchasing department” “Hi Roberto, can I call you Tico?” said the female voice on the other end of the line that he didn’t recognize. Roberto become paralyzed, frozen. He didn’t like being called Tico, a nickname ...Read More


Through the legs of passers-by I was desperately searching for my grandfather and his friend. The passers-by were many, hurrying, passing me and did not see me. Business men carrying briefcases, secretaries in high heels, clerks, bankers, tourists all passed me as if I ...Read More

Notre Dame de Paris

Not long ago the fire that consumed most of Notre Dame (Our Lady) cathedral in Paris touched the hearts of many people. From the ashes of the spire and the roof emerged donors of great fortunes and promises of reconstruction to preserve the wonderful ...Read More

High Seas Drama

They left the restaurant in silence lost in thought, avoiding talking about what had happened during dinner and in quick steps, avoiding other passengers, crossed the deck toward the theater that stood on the bow, front part of that huge ship. They were late, ...Read More

Rope Pump

I opened the door and left because it was hotter inside the cab  of that pickup truck then outdoors. You couldn’t hear any rustling sound from the coffee trees’ leaves, there was not even a small breeze. The sun was so hot I could ...Read More

In & Of Itself

We left the theater with our heads spinning, wondering if the brick would be right there on that corner. We didn’t go to see, we missed the opportunity to find out if what we had seen in the theater was true or a real ...Read More